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Sep 15, 2020
Any thriving brokerage needs to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to lead in the market. Having a functional and engaging CRM will secure you in a successful position.

FX Meta Tech is your best choice. With the following key features of our CRM, you can easily manage your clients. Your brokerage is made convenient for all with our CRM.


Get your CRM outlook customized according to your needs and liking. We offer captivating web designs and appealing fonts that are easy on the eyes. You can incorporate various trading tools, payment gateways, chat tools, etc. We aim to make your CRM reliable and easy to use.

One Multifaceted Platform

Our CRM enables you to manage your brokerage data, easily communicate with clients, carry out the majority of IB administration and marketing initiatives, all in one go. The API in our CRM assures seamless operation of MT4/MT5, Traders’ Room, and other essential third-party tools.

Client Individuality

Ensure a personalized relationship with each of your clients with FX Meta Tech's CRM. Our CRM provides you to have an extensive view of every client's profile through which you can understand their trading styles and other traits. This will let you cater to your clients appropriately.

Multilevel Partner Management

FX Meta Tech's CRM's multilevel partner/affiliates system offers a dashboard that extensively portrays all trades managed under each partner. Our CRM also provides you the role-based access feature at the admin level, enabling you to determine the access types assigned to the various partners.

Client Journey & Lead Management

Our CRM is easy to operate, making it convenient for everyone. The simple operation will allow you to have a good rapport which is immensely beneficial for your sales and marketing. With CRM from FX Meta Tech, you can view your client’s trading history, style, and other demographics at a single click. This will allow the sales team to tailor their approach to each client, boosting the opportunities of your cross sales and up sales.

Integrated Communications Tracking

To increase efficiency and save time, it is ideal to eliminate the switching between applications and platforms. Productivity is also increased when the downtime is reduced by instantly notifying the back-end admin of urgent activities that need instant response. Our CRM has the necessary Forex trading platforms and data (from emails, chats, and other forms of communication with the prospective/current client) integrated into it. This improves efficiency and makes it easy to manage.

Security & Regulatory Technology

CRM provided by FX Meta Tech includes Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) verification, which are essential for secure brokerage.

Experience a hassle-free Forex brokerage with FX Meta Tech.

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