Make 30% gains on 83% of your trades no matter what happens in the market


Master Trader
Mar 26, 2011
8 out of 10 trades are winners with this!

What if you had a nearly bullet-proof way to make piles
of cash no matter how world economies or the stock
market are doing?

What I'm about to reveal is a new method for raking in
piles during the currently unstable world economic
conditions that's nearly bullet-proof.

Let's get to it . . .

The average yield for a Blue Chip S&P is approximately
7% annually.

You could easily make a 30% return trading Forex every
month with what I'm about to show you.

Not too shabby. Being able to add even that amount to
your job income would rock most people's world!

What could you do with an extra $23,298.09 this year?

If you're a Forex trader and you haven't been able to
make this kind of cash, I'm going to tell you in a
minute how you could. Stay with me.

Now just for fun, let's extend it out another 15 months
and see how it looks. Now you might scoff, but the
reality is, this is very doable.

I know of one system that does this exceptionally well.

You're not going to hit it every month and you are
going to have some losses. However, you can easily see
the potential of these kinds of returns.

Not only are the gains much higher trading Forex
markets, but you don't need to squirm in your seat
every time world news spells doom for investors.


Because as long as one currency in a pair is up and
another is down there is cash that you could make!

You can relax, breathe easy, and know that there are
always potentially profitable trades to be had.

Whether you're a Forex trader now, or someone who's
looking for a fast way to make piles of cash, you need
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Here's why . . .

It was developed 16-year Forex trading veteran Russ

Russ has an impeccable reputation in the Forex
community and he's probably the most qualified trader
to develop a system that nails the big cash every time.

Tradeonix has been used to make thousands per month and
it has a proven 83%-win rate.

You could easily win eight out of every ten trades you

At its core, Tradeonix is lean, no-frills, no B.S.
cash-hunting machine.

If you want to drive the family 'mini-van' when you
trade that's fine.

But . . . If you're looking for a high-performance
trading machine that locks onto big cash and serves it
up to you on a plate, Tradeonix is the system you need
to have.

- This system exploits a hidden code Russ Horn
found buried deep within the Forex markets. It's one
only very savvy traders and hedge fund managers have
known about and now you can have it.

- It uses a unique method for trailing your stop
loss that lets you get into free trades and break even
trades very few other traders would ever find.

- It has sound money management principles built
into it that Russ has perfected over the past 16 years,
to ensure making smart decisions will be easy, even if
you've struggle with this in the past.

- It takes advantage of 'low hanging fruit' by
zeroing in on the trend and capitalizing on it so you
could make more cash with all your trades.

- The indicators give crystal-clear signals,
predicting market behavior with a high degree of
accuracy so you could easily profit, even when it's
extremely volatile.

Watch Russ Horn trade the Tradeonix way right here:

Tradeonix is built for every trader.

So, if you're a trend trader and you're thinking to
yourself, "Well, that's great Russ, but I'm not sure if
it would work for me," think again.

This system is so easy to make cash with, you could
cover up the price chart with duct tape and still trade
it for big gains.

If you're looking for a way to make buckets of cash
consistently, you need to get Tradeonix.

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Tradeonix is flying off the shelves and Russ has stated
there won't be any more made up.

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You can test-drive Tradeonix for 60-days with zero

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It's flawlessly built to be consistently profitable for

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P.S. Russ used this system to make a massive 13,242.25%
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