Magic crossover EA


Nov 12, 2012
I found on the internet that looks interesting on this site system

But modified it for their needs. I'm looking for someone who can convert my idea of ​​the Expert advisor.

I would like the system to operate in such a way that:

When buying / selling opened in the same direction at the same time two items of the same volume.

One of the items will be 20 pips tp and sp at the top or the hole of the last 5 candles.

Closing the second position will be based on the RSI. In the long position will be closed when the RSI at the close of the candle is below 50 and for a short position or vice versa.

Thank you in advance for your help

Below sccreen `s

The first item on tp 20 pips is because at the TF at the traffic side are fake knock around 30 pips so you can catch more pips or reduce the loss of position based on the RSI.


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