MA Cross Arrows indicator needed


Dec 3, 2016
Hi sir,
thank you very much for your nice code.You are the done of coding.
can you help me in onether code pleae.
I want to add a buy seill signal in the your modified indicator as:
buy = 10 day simple moving average cross 20 day simple moving average
sell = 20 day simple moving average cross 10 day simple moving average
make a setting to select time frame for buy sell signal(5,15,30,1hr,4 hrs,daily,weekly,mothly).
please a make as setting to "plot or not plot" 10,20 day simple moving averages,with selectable colors, selectable style of line.
when buy signal comes a white up arrow comes bellow the candle
when sell signal comes a white down arrow comes above the candle(please see the attachment)
please make this code in the bottom of same indicator you coded....."_EF_SP_PIVOTS"
advance thanks,
waiting for your valuable reply sir.


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