Aug 4, 2015
Also Enivid,

I found an ea which is very interesting, extremely low drawdown and increases in the hundreds of percent per week (yes im gullible but you never know)

When i backtested it in h1 and default settings, spread 2 pips, I got some incredibly stiff upward equity lines. However when it started doing its thing live, I lost 60 dollars before i realized it was trading way too often to be doing h1. I couldnt seem to work out how to make it replicate its behavior in backtest, it barely did a trade an hour, but when i activated it live, it was setting up trade after trade, most losers or break even.

Was wondering if you know about it or have used it, put my hopes to sleep so to speak. Its remarkable on backtest but i think its just a time frame problem, it should work. Its trading to often, unfortunately its not a working file, but a compiled one, maybe you can understand what its doing and replicate it.

called "lowdd_ea"

i got it from forex factory on this link.