Looking for trust worthy broker that accepts Skrill


May 6, 2020
Hello to new and experienced traders out here

My name is Mikhail, and i'm new with Forex. Before starting to learn Forex, I used to play poker a lot, betting(mostly arbitrage betting and betting with using my own mathematical models), since poker is slowly dying and betting is stopped because of CVID-19, I decided to fully focus on Forex markets.

I been working as affiliate for over 10 years, started as a poker affiliate, now i'm mostly working as independent e-wallets expert, so if you got any questions about Skrill or Neteller, don't be shy and write me a letter, maybe i can help

So i mostly looking for brokers who accept Skrill, since i used to have a good cashback of my deposits back when i been doing poker and betting, and i don't wanna stop using Skrill, and i believe cashback i get with Skrill can lower fees that i pay to broker, so if anyone got any good broker, would be cool if you give me name
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