Looking for Investor, to create profitable custom indicator?


Oct 19, 2021
I have been trading for more than 2 years, I was puzzled why all these indicators where not enough to make consistent profits… it was only till recently when I was observing Crash 500 1Minute Chart, I used the tick volume indicator on it and it indicated there where more BULL ticks on bear candles. I watched the Bid and the indicator at the same time…in 1M it NEVER ticked up…thats when I realized the Code in this indicator could only be using the ASK Price’s Movements!

(Infact, checking the code of other indicators there were similar scams in them to prevent them from indicating properly…)

I know little code knowledge, but I am creative and love to find solutions (or as was exposed here…the cause of problems). I have an idea of an indicator that will always “lead”…Thus here I request financial help to pay a coder to create this indicator.