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Discussion in 'Forex Education' started by ralphleroy25, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. ralphleroy25

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    Hello I am an aspiring rookie forex trader who is still very new to this exciting yet dangerous world of forex. I've read alot of articles on different strategies by different traders and some straightforward articles that has given me a basic understanding of forex markets. I am educating myself everyday, but I know the experience and knowledge found from a mentor or a trader near me would enhance my learning curve both visually and comprehensively. Is there any traders on here from New Jersey that would be willing to take on an eager student or just be a forex friend that can show me the ropes?
  2. SweetPrincess

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    Hi, it is nice to hear that you are learning by your own through reading. When I am still a newbie, I also did that and searched for a broker. I talked to them and helped me in the process of my trading, eventually learn to trade by myself. I am glad that I found them and helped me with my trading career. :)
  3. Ary Barroso

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    Nice to know your experience! I think, you are so lucky that you helped by according to your choice! But, I see there have so many new traders who really want to learn Forex; but they don’t get enough help in their surroundings!

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