life of a trader


Active Trader
Nov 8, 2010
Ok guys, straight up when it comes to trading. It's difficult. Who ever says otherwise is already a millionaire or just trying to lure you into some "follow me and I'll make you rich" scheme. The only truth that I can tell you from my own experience is that if you want to become successful then don't think that only by signing up to some online trading room or having some software, or just blindly following someone's calls will automatically make you consistent. Sure you may have a winning streak, but hey guess what, sooner or later you will have an even bigger losing streak unless you develop your own proper structure and discipline. Sure all these things (trade-room, mentors..) do help and greatly speed up your learning curve, absolutely, and it can give you an edge, but any edge is useless unless you understand how to use it correctly. Trading is a reflection of who you are, and the only person who can make you into a successful trader is YOU and you alone. Sure you can have mentors, and someone to lead you and show you the right path, and be a part of a really profitable online trade room, but in the end unless you can trade successfully on your own without someone else's signals all the time, you will sooner or later fail. I can say this now because I had to learn the hard way until I became successful. Trial and error, over and over and over again, making same mistakes, losing more and more money, until one day it finally all just clicked. That day had to come on its own, and it had to come from within. I had it all, professional mentors, I was, and still am a part of a very very profitable online trade room where the moderators are really amazing traders, great people and helpful mentors. Today, trading is a profitable career for me, and I'm making a very descent living from trading, but it took a lot of hard work, patience, ambition, and time to get to this stage. So my point is: if you find the right edge and the right mentors and the right place to be, in order to become independent and successful, you must understand that it is a learning process and requires a lot of energy and hard work on your part to get there. It is absolutely possible, but it is not easy until you learn some things on your own skin. If you want to know more and find out some very useful information of how I found my way to successful forex trading, send me an email to [email protected] and I will tell you more and guide you through the steps where you also potentially can become a successful forex trader, if you are willing to invest your own time and effort to becoming one.. I know how grateful I am to be where I am today, and how grateful I am to all the people who helped me along the way, so I know how important that is for anyone else who wants to become successful and independent and make trading eventually their main source of income...