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Mar 26, 2011
Jarratt Davis Is Ranked 2nd Best Performing FX Trader in The World – Come and Learn How He Does It…

What is FTA?

The idea behind the Fund Trader Academy is simple: To allow you to peek over the shouder of a fully verified, professional Forex fund manager.

Jarratt Davis has been trading professionally since 2008, and not only has all of his trading performance been independently verified since that year, but he was also ranked as the 2nd best performing FX trader in the world by the Barclay’s currency trading index between 2008 – 2012.

If you want to learn how to trade Forex profitably then surely it makes sense to learn from one of the best?

“You won't find such transparent trading history and impressive levels of achievement within the industry.”

How Does the FTA Forex Trading Room Work?

The service is composed of 3 main elements:

To prove that Jarratt is indeed as successful as he claims, without the need to ‘trust’ his word alone, we make his trading history and ongoing performance as transparent as possible by offering proof from multiple sources, including Barclay hedge verification of his managed accounts, Twitter feeds, ongoing tracking through Myfxbook.com, and an independently conducted verification of his personal trading accounts by a qualified Auditor.

Trading Room

To teach you exactly how Jarratt trades the markets and approaches each trading day. To help you understand Jarratt’s strategies and his overall approach to the markets we have provided a selection of video lessons for your educational reference. These lessons will get you up to speed on exactly what strategies Jarratt uses, how he manages to determine the market direction each day, and which currency pairs to trade.

To show you how it is possible to learn these techniques for yourself and trade profitably. Our live video analysis of the markets is presented and recorded every day before each major trading session (London & New York). These sessions are presented by our expert trading coaches who have taken Jarratt’s strategies and applied them in their own trading with great success! After each analysis presentation you will have the opportunity to ask questions and ‘compare notes’ with your own analysis for an hour after the presentation has ended, to ensure you get the best possible help.

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