Leads for sale


Feb 4, 2017
Hello. I have about 170k forex leads to sell. The leads are 2-3, to 4 months old, some have been called, most (70%) not. They are all english speaking, mostly australians (60%), EU (UK,sweden,france,belgium etc), Asian (Singapore,Malaysia) and Arab (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait etc). The list contains traders and depositors, people who traded with my company and made deposits, and the arab list contains rich people (but arab speaking). The format is names, email, phone, country (most have country, some not).

Contact me at md20l@mail.com. Please no testing requests, I am looking for a quick sell and I'm offering them at a very very low price (less than 0.2 cents per lead) so I really do not want to bother with going back and forth for a long time with testing.