Job opportunity: We search a host (spokesperson) for a trading contest on youtube.


Jan 21, 2021
Hi everybody, I am searching for a host (spokesperson) for kind of a trading show on youtube. It is for a stock trading championship, where the participants can win 100.000$ in the final.
If you are interested I will give you more information about the championship in a direct message.
So your part could look as following: daily or weekly you get a summary of the traders trades, write a scripture text and film a polarizing youtube video. Our aim is to excite and entertain the participants and followers. It would be very good, if everyone is interested in the show - we want to give them a reason to turn on the show.
That means we need a person with character and with a captivating personality. It can also be funny or also sarcastic.
What do we offer:
- Good payment! Depending on how good you are and how often you make videos between $400- $3000 per month, just to give numbers. Again, it all depends on quality and quantity and we will discuss it together. Our aim is to get the best one.
- The unique chance to get famous in the international stock market business as a host. Our businessplan is made for 3-5 years, in this time we will get reputation all over the world, so will you
- You can be extreme creative! The more, the better
- If you want you can work as a freelancer, or get a fulltime job.
- Experience in stock market! You need to be able to interpret the daily results, to explain who of the participants made good or bad decisions and what could possibly happen, what was risky and so on.
- Experience in making high quality videos for Youtube - ideal if you also can make graphs, insert stock chart and so on.
If this all fits, write me a direct message. Later on we can discuss the general conditions such as frequency, how much you will get, requirements, etc.
Best regards,
Eddi from Germany