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Jan 7, 2019
Introducing Japan’s finest, the FX Expert Advisor Beatrice DELTA2 (Part 1)

Betrice DELTA2 is an Expert Advisor (EA) that has a proven track of successes among swing type EAs. It’s part of the Beatrice EA series that won the 2015 Award of the Year during a campaign organized by Invast, Japan’s number one and world leading broker in Automatic Trading (More than 6000 EA in range)


BeatriceDELTA2 technical features

Trading style: Day trade, swing trade
Time frame: M15
Currency pair(s): EUR/USD
Take Profit: 182 pips
Stop Loss: 121 pips (automatic position close)
Recommended lot: 0.1 (1 lot = 100.000 currency units)

BeatriceDELTA2’s work pattern is based on increased success rate through gaining fast control over the market. This is possible because BeatriceDELTA2 focuses on holding 1 position (It’s TWAP non-compliant type), which also helps maintain low risk.

The stop loss is set at 121 pips, however the EA will automatically close its position once the number of pips falls outside the 40-121 range. The EA is known for its efficient handling of principal loss that is a common problem among high success-rate EAs (e. g during the 2008 Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy or the 2015 Swiss franc shock).

Beatrice DELTA2 results

The following graph shows BeatriceDELTA2 forward test result


Forward Test result summary:
  1. Application period: June 2018 – September 2018 
  2. Success rate: 100%
  3. Rate of return: 81% 
  4. Revenue: 650,000 yen (initial deposit 1 million yen)
Although the application period was short (only 3 months), the 100% success rate and the 65% profit are still an outstanding result. Obviously, some EA’s factors remain unclear, however the 100% success rate is a proof that the EA is designed to aim for the best result.
The image below shows a monthly breakdown of pips gained during the application period.


The number of pips earned in the last 3 months was roughly 589! As we see, BeatriceDELTA2 does not average the number of pips every month, but rather earns them based on its made adjustments to the monthly trends!

To understand better how the EA works, please consider the image below


The time frame chart shows trades (red marks and arrows) performed by the EA from later August 2018 to September 2018. BetriceDELTA2 has a 2-pattern trading tendency, in which an order position is set in one day and carried over to the next day. As you see, the profit is raised through multiple trade positions and with a relatively safe approach (trades aren’t too long or too short).

Let’s take a closer look at these trades. The image below shows the first trade done on 13th Aug (trade marked as No.1 in the main image)


A dip trend occurs at the beginning, of which Beatrice takes advantage, and initiates the trade (4 AM). Despite the ups and downs in the trend movements, the EA maintains its trade position for 14 hours, closing it late before another dip occurs, but still making 22 pips in profit.

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