Is Currency strength useful?


Master Trader
Oct 17, 2019

I programmed a currency strength meter that compares all the major currencies against each other. The comparison is done from the candle open to current price on all majors. The candles can be any time frame as above you see Daily, Weekly, Monthly candles strengths. Once the total of each currency is calculated it is then divided by the 22 ATR. This is the "PF" strength you see above. The ATR is used to balance the pairs volatility. The PF+1 values are one candle back so it would be yesterday, last week, last month. The MA 200 Bias is done same way, except distance from ma 200 of the time frame is used. It is not a pip score but a above/below score. For example the EURUSD has a -5. This means it is below 5 other currencies and above 2 based on 200 MA, A seven (like GBP daily) means GBP is above 200 MA against all other pairs. Does anyone else use a currency strength comparison for info in their trading?