INXY Subscription Tracker


Apr 28, 2022
INXY Subscription Tracker is a free tool that helps you free your time, save your budget and avoid stress. It automatically finds and tracks all your personal or business subscriptions. It also provides wider context for making smart decisions about subscriptions usage and effectiveness. Basically it's a single SaaS to keep all other SaaS, subscriptions and recurring services in order.

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Find & Track Your Subscriptions
  • INXY automatically detects all subscriptions from any payment method and keeps them up-to-date.
  • See all subscriptions on the dashboard, with costs, upcoming charges and other relevant info.
  • Get notified in your common messenger or calendar about important subscription related events (upcoming payments, card expiry dates, etc.).
  • INXY Virtual Card allows to purchase, pause or cancel subscriptions from a single place.
  • Pay for any service in any currency including crypto.
Make Smart Decisions & Maximise Efficiency (COMING SOON)
  • Personalised news feed shows special offers and conditions based on your preferences.
  • Use extensive subscriptions catalogue to compare & find services.
  • Smart AI recommendations highlight potential for optimization of subscription usage.
  • Get regular reports with insights to plan your subscriptions budget.
  • Detect duplicate, unused or redundant subscriptions.
  • Set spend limits on each merchant to automatically block hidden fees & double charges on recurring expenses.
Share & Collaborate (COMING SOON)
  • Shared usage allows to pay and use services with colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Sync your employees subscriptions with Microsoft Team and G Suite.
  • Sync invoices to subscriptions with accounting software (Xero, QuickBooks).
  • Assign different roles (user, subscription owner, admin) to control how your subscriptions are used.
  • Always know who within your team is responsible for a subscription.
  • Track your current costs precisely by project/team/employee.
  • Get feedback with notes & reviews from the team on used subscriptions to avoid duplicates or ineffective solutions.
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