Aug 13, 2016
Investments in FOREX Trading
I am a Professional Trader and a Fulltime Trader. I have an experiences in FOREX market more than 10 years.For interestings person in FOREX investments and I can help you every time that you want to BUY and SELL in FOREX market.
You must applying at here :
After You are finished in registrations and must be minimum funds of 5,000 US Dollars to invest in FOREX market.After You are deposited 5,000 US Dollars into Meta Trader 4.0(MT4).You must send Username & Password of MT4 to my email( for my helpings.
I will to BUY & SELL in FOREX market for 5,000 US Dollars.For profits,You must withdrawn funds by yourself.This profits were sent to your account within 3-5 Normal Days.
Contact us by email all 24 hours 7 Days :