International Economy Beginning To Recover


Master Trader
Dec 13, 2008
International Economy Showing Strong Signs Of Improvement

The international economy has been showing strong signs of improvement over the past several weeks. Despite an economic crisis which has affected many countries, indications that things are improving are everywhere.

Gas prices rose by 5% in three weeks, a sign that demand is increasing.

The amount of mortgage applications being filled out by potential homeowners has risen over the past month, showing a stronger demand for home loans and an overall more positive feeling regarding the real estate market by the average citizen.

While two increases in demand don't mean that the economic crisis is completely over, it's clear that the signs of a economy beginning to recover are there.


Master Trader
Jan 7, 2009
Overall, the Asian session began with a strong USD, repeating some of the decline seen on Monday. It seems although the USD failing came as the Fed interfered in the treasury market, something that will possibly occur increasingly often.

On Monday, the Pound (GBP/USD) headed top, gaining little more than 200 pips. It also experienced a flow in force on Monday, after it almost came to a decline in the past few days. The pound had a 30-pip range, during the Asian session.

On Monday, the Euro (Euro/USD) jumped off the 1.3100 support point and the 100-day moving average to increase. Additionally, the duo led the dollars selling sign until the close of the US session. The euro decline 50pips, during the Asian session.

The Swissy (USD/CHF) jumped off the 50-day moving average during the night session, and fell 240 pips later on. In its downhill path, the swissy broke under the 20,100 and the 50-day easy moving average, the pair increases last week. The swissy increased 40 pips, during the Asian session.