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Apr 17, 2013
“One of the things that amazes me most about trading is that the longer I do it the more I admit that I don’t know. For a very long time I have been convinced that I have no idea where the price of instrument is going. I certainly know a lot about market dynamics, the history of markets (which is something everyone should study) and about my own reactions to events. But I have sold all idea about where the market is going. Granted I can create a narrative in my own head to justify my own positions but at the end of the day I simply make a bet on the direction of an instrument and I am consciously aware of my own behavioural short comings.” – Chris Tate (an expert veteran of the markets, more than 30 years of experience)

Anyone can learn to be a trader – but making a success of it involves more than just pushing Bid and Ask buttons. You need good strategies that will allow you to deal with the vagaries of the market.

It’s no secret that the majority of traders lose. But some succeed and become rich, even super-rich. These are the super traders.

Insights into the Mindset of Super Traders reveals the life stories of 20 selected master traders: how they think, how they view the markets, and how they make their fortunes. The book gives an overview of their careers and explains what lessons can be drawn from their success.


Why is trading so difficult?

Answer: What makes trading appear very difficult is the fact that the market can never be predicted. When we predict, we’re sometimes wrong or right. However, having an impression that the market can be predicted is the single most important reason why most traders end getting frustrated. No matter the analytical method you use (Monte Carlo, Neural Networks, Horology, robots, Gann, news, Ichimoku, etc), you can’t predict the future. Your frustration will continue as long as you think you can predict the market. Once you admit you can’t do this, your frustration ends, because you’ve aligned yourself with the reality in the market.

What benefit can I get from trading?

Answer: Freedom. Freedom is everything. You master your financial destiny, growing richer and richer gradually. Very soon, you’ll realize that trading is the best vehicle for financial freedom; plus the greatest game on earth. Sadly, many people don’t believe this fact.

How can I experience permanent success in the markets?

Answer: You will attain permanent success once you devise a way to make money in the market without being able to predict the market – without knowing what the market will do next. This kind of strategy isn’t hard to devise. You’ll then see each new trade as a potential loser until you’re proven otherwise. This mindset will enable you to activate stops and use a small position size. You’ll know trading is simply a game of probability and with a good RRR, the odds will eventually come in your favour. This is what’s called positive expectancy. With this simple approach, you’ll no longer see trading as difficult. More importantly, you will attain permanent success without the ability to know the future, which begins from your mind.

This piece is ended with 2 quotes:

“Talking about trader psychology may stir intellectual debate, but the real work of trader psychology is about re-working the beliefs are you projecting onto the markets about your capacity to manage uncertainty (with your trading account as the arbiter). Simply being knowledgeable is never enough. It is the hard, but satisfying, work of examining the beliefs that drive your performances in trading that matter.” - Rande Howell

“The complete trader is able to combine all or parts of the above approaches with his own style. Trading mastery combines observation, scientific knowledge, good judgment, intuition, and creative instincts with decisive action.” – Joe Ross

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Ary Barroso

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Jul 9, 2017
Because, it’s a decentralized market & based on so many parameters! This is why, it’s almost impossible to make money consistently without proper trading knowledge & experience.