Indicator Help (Request)


Dec 14, 2019
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So here is the task I have at hand:

The indicator is called the SWING DESTROYER. It basically depicts a graph on the bottom of each chart it is attached to and predicts entry points for buy and sell. The indicator gives a GOLD color for the entry point, shows red(upon sell) and blue (upon buy).

I wanted to know if there was a way it could be programmed to send text notifications/ email notifications when the indicator gives the color GOLD for example.

Also, if it would be at all possible I wanted to know if it could also be programmed to inform me about price change (when the red starts to retrace and when blue starts to retrace).

I have attached a picture example of the indicator on GOLD.

I did try to follow along the post about adding post notifications to an indicator but got confused quite frankly. I want to learn how to code it myself, so if you could guide me in the right direction of what it is that I need to do or show me what I need to do, in order to achieve what I want out of the indicator, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you would interested in coding the indicator, please direct message me for the MQL4 file.SWINGDESTROYER.jpg

Thank you,