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    The indicator takes information on the real market operations of stock exchange players of the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) and displays it on the forex in the form of a detailed chart.

    The indicator conveniently displays the information received on the Meta Trader chart. By default, market transactions from the main trading contract (the contract with the largest Open Interest) are displayed, according to which the forex price is formed.

    During its operation it is not possible to use any other indicators. Installation is possible only on majors, metals, energy, indices and BTC.

    The indicator contains unique functions that are not available in any other analogues:

    • Creation of labels, by clicking LMB on the futures price or bar time, for graphic and sound indication of important moments.
    • Extensive customization options.

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    PSA: This indicator requires enabling DLL imports and WebRequests. Please be careful with allowing indicators (and expert advisors) to import DLLs or use WebRequest function. It can be very dangerous. Do so only with the indicators you really trust.

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