I'm looking for an experienced trader.

Dec 22, 2021
Manage Forex Account
Looking for a experienced forex trader to manage my trading account. Please mention the minimum amount you can manage to trade with. Thanks. Profit split can be discussed. Also, mention what type of a forex trader are you: scalper, day trader, swing or etc.

Day trading mentor
I'm looking for a mentor that can help me with day trading the US stock market. One year ago I hired a mentor and did an extensive amount of education. For the last year I have been working very hard to understand and analyze the stock market. I'm looking for a day trading professional that will be able to help me understand the market now that I am beginning to trade. More than likely I will be looking for 30 minute sessions once a week.

Trader wanted
Looking for an experienced trader to teach me a unique very short term trading strategy that really works (prefer options / arbitrage e.tc)

Not interested in price action or tech analysis (unless its 95%).

Also please try to explain how you trade and explain it as detailed as possible.

Thank you!
Experienced Pro Binance Traders Neeeded
Hello, we are testing our crypto App | Need 5-10 minutes of your time. We need professional investors with a Binance account and a positive yearly return rate to join our APP (Android) and review it : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igor.guru.guru_finance

We are looking for professional traders. Respond, and let's discuss the details.

Looking for a trader who can manage my investment in Forex, Crypto currency or Gold market.
Looking for a trader who can manage my investment in Forex, Crypto currency or Gold market.

I need consistent profit. I am looking an exper who will take commission on the profit.


Apr 26, 2022
Hi,am peter ikoko....am a swing trader...I analysis my trades from higher time frame and execute my trades in lower time frame, i also use stop lose and take profit for my proper risk management .whatsapp me for more details on 07064432973


Nov 8, 2021
Hello, I am a professional Forex trader with 5 years of experience in the Forex market, and I will be glad to help you, because I have helped others myself.
You can contact me on telegram @antuzla.