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Hi Enivid,

If you have time could you please help to convert this EA from MT4 to MT5?

Thanks in advance.

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It is better to put the information of descriptions for the input parameters :

Ilan1.6 Dynamic Settings

  • LotExponentis the multiplier of the trading lot at placing each next order; most often this order is averaging.
  • DynamicPips activates the function of dynamic changing of the distance between two orders in the same direction.
  • DefaultPips is the minimal possible distance in points between two orders in the same direction.
  • Glubina is the number of closed bars from the end of the chart that will participate in the calculation of the minimal distance between orders.
  • DEL is a special coefficient for calculating the minimal distance between orders.
  • slip is the maximal size of the requote that the robot will process by itself and accept as the broker service sets it.
  • Lots is the trade volume of each first order in the grid.
  • lotdecimal is the type of lot you use:
0 whole number lot (ex. = 3)
1 mini lot (ex. = 0.3)
2 micro lot (ex. = 0.03).

  • TakeProfit: common size of Take Profit for each grid of orders.
  • Drop is horizontal levels of the CCI; a negative level is interpreted as the opposite of the set one.
  • RsiMinimum is the border of the oversold area of the RSI.
  • RsiMaximum is the border of the overbought area of the RSI.
  • MagicNumber is the unique number of the expert advisor by which it distinguishes between the trades of other robots and its own.
  • MaxTrades is the maximal number of the trades open simultaneously on one account.
  • UseEquityStop activates the function of limiting losses if the risk becomes excessive for the deposit.
  • TotalEquityRisk is the risk in percent of the deposit.
  • UseTrailingStop switches on Trailing Stop.
  • UseTimeOut activates a time-out for open orders.
  • MaxTradeOpenHours sets the time (in hours), on the expiry of which all hanging orders will be closed.
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