IHForex.com scammers, proof here


Aug 23, 2011

My name is Tatar Mircea Roland, im from Romania and I trade forex since 2011.
I used several brokers up to this point, some were okay, others were bad in their execution, customer support or funding and withdrawal options.
So far, I had a extremely unpleasant experience with a certain broker in 2011, when I opened a account at IHForex (www.ihforex.com) and funded it trough bank wire transfer
with 16 000 USD. I received a bonus from them of 3000 USD upon the completion of the transfer.
After a couple of months trading, I was pretty much losing more money than I was making, so I decided to retrieve my funds gradually.So i decided to make my first withdrawal
from them.
It was a real nightmare, since I submited my whitdrawal form.That was in June 2011.They said, like any other broker, that it should not last longer than 5 days for the money
( I whitdrawn 4000 USD) to reach my bank account.I had a surprise after one week passed and the money didnt reach my bank account.In the MT4 acc statement the money had been
retrieved by the broker but they were not transfered from their company, one of their support said and I should have waited longer.After a few more days, since I had no money
in my bank account from them, I contacted them again and they said there is a problem with their bank's transfer (BKB - Basler Kantonal Bank) to my bank (Banca Transilvania).
I tried to contact BKB, but there was no available contact number for my country.I waited more and still no money, More than 2 weeks passed.I talked to IHF, they said that the
money should get to me in 30 more days, one of their acc managers "promised" me that the problem will be "taken care" of.I insisted that i need my money back, they said that
they will try to resolve it ASAP. After 1 month and 2 weeks I got only part of my money, they sent me 3000 USD of 4000, and they refused to send me the rest no matter what
I tried.So friends, you shouldnt invest your money with this broker, they will definetely try to scam you and tell you that they owe you no more money after they send only
a part of your whitdrawal in a absurd amount of time (1-2 months).Keep away from them is my friendly advice.
Another much bigger, more recent proof of scam from them is available here : http://forexsignalsblog.com/forex-broker-scam-alert-ihforex-investment-house-forex/
Be careful, Roland.


Master Trader
Oct 26, 2011
Thanks for the info, I do not use the broker you'd listed but I am sure this info will be of help to all the newbies. The brokers I use [Trader's Way and FXCM] are quite fast when it comes to wire transfers - so no issues there.
I agree this current broker sounds like a nightmare in the making..