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    ICE FX is an investment Forex broker. From the very beginning (2015), ICE FX has strictly and actively adhered to the principles of maximum transparency, openness and customer focus.

    Legal information
    The company is registered in Labuan (Malaysia) and is licensed by LFSA with registration number MB/15/0007. ICE FX is one of the divisions of ICE GROUP. The group also includes companies whose activities are licensed by local financial regulators:
    ● Swiss company ICE AM – an asset manager.
    ● ICE FX UK (expected to be launched shortly) – a UK branch, a functional counterpart of offshore ICE FX. This branch is expected to be launched in 2018.

    ICE FX is the first real A-book broker. All trades are executed at liquidity providers.
    This indicates that there can never be a conflict of interest between the client and the broker because the broker is not interested in the client's loss.
    The company can confirm this fact by demonstrating the execution of transactions at liquidity providers in the following way:

    Via Skype using desktop demonstration, the ICE FX employee – at the client's request – translates execution of trade at the liquidity provider and its closure. The client is able to verify the credibility of this process as the employee starts the demonstration from the initial screen of his computer and performs further actions up to signing into the ICE FX personal account opened with the liquidity provider (entering his user IDs, passwords and so on). ICE FX hedges all client trades at the liquidity provider and can give similar confirmation for each trade.

    Limitation on clients' losses
    ICE FX is one of the few companies with an efficient risk management system. The company insures client deposits by setting limits on the level of maximum loss for the week and the leverage amount. Risk management settings are also available to traders and investors. Clients can set the following limits:
    - Maximum loss for the week/day;
    - Maximum drawdown;
    - Minimum deposit balance;
    - Maximum leverage.

    Benefits of trading with ICE FX:
    ● The minimum amount required to start trading is 10 USD.
    ● Execution of trades at world-class liquidity providers.
    ● Confirmation of execution of trades at liquidity providers.
    ● STP and ECN accounts from world leaders in the Forex technology industry.
    ● Ability to make personal settings on an ECN account.
    ● Loss Restriction System.

    Benefits of investing with ICE FX:
    ❏ The minimum amount required to start investing is 10 USD.
    ❏ Managed Accounts System (MAS) - a hybrid of PAMM, LAMM and MAM technologies, combining all their advantages.
    ❏ Ready-made profitable investment solutions – indices.
    ❏ Investment transparency (publication of investment passwords of A-rated managers, display of the manager's history of the closed transactions, etc.).
    ❏ Selection of investment aggressiveness (х1-х6).
    ❏ Limitation of investor's loss.
    ❏ Confirmation of execution of managers' trades at liquidity providers.

    Deposit/withdrawal methods:
    ❖ Bank transfer to the company's account;
    ❖ VISA/MasterCard;
    ❖ WebMoney;
    ❖ ePayments;
    ❖ Skrill;

  2. Artem ICE-FX

    Artem ICE-FX Trader

    Completion of the second stage of the Genesis and Genesis Prime contests

    The company notifies of the Genesis and Genesis Prime contests first stage completion. We remind you that these competitions are held for Forex-traders. The competitions consist of four stages, and the duration of the competitions is one year. Contestants receive a number of bonuses and opportunities, which increase as the contestant passes each stage.

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that everyone can apply for participation in competitions not less than two weeks before the start of a new stage. Therefore, in order to participate in Genesis and Genesis Prime contests with the beginning of the next stage, it is necessary to submit an application by September 14, 2018.
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    Artem ICE-FX Trader

    Regional partner

    We are pleased to inform that ICE FX is launching a new affiliate program for partners. It gives an opportunity to receive an exclusive Regional partner status in a region. The Regional partner should follow some requirements nevertheless the partner receives a number of privileges and bonuses in case of effective operation.

    You can learn more about program privileges and requirements on the Regional partners page.
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    Artem ICE-FX Trader

    Adding new trading instruments and connecting a counterparty EXANTE

    ICE FX has expanded the range of trading instruments. Now, clients of the Company can use CFD for trading crypto-currencies, CFDs for indices and CFDs for commodities. Before using new tools, please read the trading conditions, margin requirements and contract specifications.

    Please note that trading CFD for crypto currency is available 4/7 with a short break on Saturday (12:00 - 15:00 EET).

    Also, provider EXANTE was connected - it is a financial and technological company that provides access to a number of financial services. Exante has access to the world's leading financial markets in the US, the EU and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, and the list of available tools exceeds 50,000. You can view all counterparties on the Counterpartiespage.

    Promo «Easy start» continues

    The company extends the term of the promo «Easy start» until 01.12.2018. This promo cancels the minimum deposit requirement. Take advantage of this opportunity to start trading or investing at the lowest cost.
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    Artem ICE-FX Trader

    New counterparty - DIVISA UK Limited

    DIVISA UK Limited has been added to the list of liquidity providers, to which all trading positions from STP accounts are sent.

    Divisa UK Limited is one of the first companies which offered liquidity and margin trading using the Currenex Viking & Classic platforms together with its own MT4 bridge with the aim to improve trading conditions for brokers. Divisa UK Limited is headquartered in London.

    Introduction of SubID for Affiliate activity

    The ability to create referral SubID links has been added to the affiliate functionality. This feature will allow, if there is a need, to separate the traffic sources and analyze statistics for each of them separately. In fact, SubID is analogue to UTM-tags.

    Launch of the Personal Area in Portuguese and Spanish languages

    The company announces the launch of the Personal Area in Portuguese and Spanish languages. You can go to the Portuguese or Spanish version by selecting the appropriate language in the upper right corner of the login page.

    In addition, the launch of the Company's website in Portuguese and Spanish is expected in the near future. You will be notified about this event additionally.

    ICE FX completely refunds the deposit fee

    ICE FX completely refunds the fee for depositing funds for all customers in the period from November 19, 2018 to January 19, 2019.

    We remind, that you can deposit your account using bank wire and bank cards (VISA and Mastercard), as well as the payment systems WebMoney, ePayments, Skrill and NETELLER. Detailed conditions please find on the page Deposit and withdrawal.

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