I read the email, watched the video, joined immediately (free). Waiting for Tuesday!

R W Santelli

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Feb 21, 2009
At 8:13 this morning, I received an email from Steve at FAPTurbo and the Forex Guru Club*.

Apparently, 569 forex traders got together to compete for The Best Forex Trading System in the World Challenge.

Here are the Top 6 traders winning percentage gains;
1st Place = 2307.78%:eek:
2nd Place = 1120.77%
3rd Place = 1014.05%
4th Place = 927.97%
5th Place = 200.12%
6th Place = 156.23%

Here’s the :eek:GOOD NEWS...
To compete, THEY HAD TO REVEAL THEIR SYSTEMS - full disclosure - they had to reveal how they achieved their results. They had to tell their secrets!

Here’s the :)BETTER NEWS…
It turns out that every one of these traders used an original system that they developed on their own. These were unconventional, simple, and NEVER BEFORE SEEN trading systems.

Here’s the :DBEST NEWS…
On Tuesday, February 24TH, a select few will have the opportunity to own these same Top 6 Forex Trading Systems!

Watch THIS VIDEO it gives us some idea of what’s coming.

*The Forex Guru Club is:
Andreas Kirchberger - forexkiller.com
Marcus B. Leary - forex-autopilot.com
Steve, Mike and Uli - fapturbo.com
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