How to Establish a Mechanized Trading System?


Sep 29, 2021
Mechanized trading systems are those systems that provide trading signals to traders. They give the name "machinery" because traders trade whatever happens in the market. In theory, a mechanized trading system would eliminate all your biases and emotions in the trade.

There are many "forex trading systems" on the internet. The advertisement tells you: "These perfect systems can make thousands of profits every week without losing." That sounds tempting, doesn't it? You know, these systems are indeed mostly profitable, but the question is whether traders can follow the rules that apply to the systems. Moreover, if you spend thousands of dollars on a system, you might as well take the time to build your own free system and keep your money for trading capital. It is not difficult to create a system, but it is difficult to follow the rules you made when you created the system. We can see many advertisements that sell systems, but there are few that teach you how to build your own systems.

First identify the objectives of the trading system. When you build your system, you need to be clear:

1. Your system should be able to judge the trend as early as possible.

2. Your system should be able to prevent you from two-way loss.

If your trading system achieves these two points, your chances of success will increase. The reason why these goals are difficult to achieve is that they are contradictory.

If you have a system that is characterized by catching trends quickly, you should avoid catching false trends. On the other hand, if your system focuses on avoiding losses, you may be late in trading or miss many trades. In formulating the mechanical system, your task is to find a compromise between the two objectives. Try to identify trends as quickly as possible, while distinguishing between false and true trends.