How To Combine Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis,


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Oct 21, 2010
To be a good traders or Analyst.. you must can combine between Fundamental and Technical analysis, yeah i know, prices moving reflect fundamental move, but how do you know or make sure that your support resistance were valid, or how did you know your trend will stop or penetration support resistance will continue (THERE'S A BIG HOLE AT TECHNICAL ANALYSIS THAT WE NEED TO SETTLE IT).. to make sure this.. you need FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS (i will talk about it deeply at the next article FORECASTING FINANCIAL MARKETS THE THIRD WILL COMING SOON)

There is a time when you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis.. Technical analysis usualy occur when the time we called lack of fundamental news will be more strong, if prices have a overbought / oversold condition, like at forex market, you have calendar of fundamental news, you should watch and feel the emotion of "crowd" at the markets, how they feel, how their emotion.. adjust it !!!

For Using fundamental news, you must read it or analyze it at comprehend, you can read articles or market review to feel it.. remember all markets at financial markets have a connection, as fundamental they have it, so the same at technical.

First you will feel dizzy. but if you already expert it.. it's simple actually, yeah.. that's how it works to become good analyst, you must be practice to feel it and define time when you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis, or time you should hold or you should act fast.

Okey.. Happy Trading....

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