How Roboforex BLOCKED my account + PROOF


Dec 7, 2022
Hi everybody, in this story, I’m going to tell you what happened between Roboforex and me.

Is this a Roboforex review?​

Yes it can be a review from a person who was kicked out of Roboforex. so I show you my documents. then you can decide whether or not using Roboforex.

What is Roboforex?​

The Roboforex is a broker who helps people to trade.
About two years ago, I started an account in Roboforex. You can see the screenshot and the date that I started my account :
My registration date.

I have groups of traders in some countries, including IRAN.
So, I started advertising Roboforex among my clients. Based on what I said, many of them started trading accounts on that broker.

What happened to my account?​

I worked on this account for about 2 years.
But suddenly, they called me and said you have Iranian customers.
I said so what? What is wrong with this? I asked you about my Iranian customers, and you said it’s okay to have Iranian customers. AND some of my customers are Iranian, MOST OF MY CLIENTS are not from Iran.
roboforex said they have no problem with Iranian

Then I started my affiliate account and suggested you to my Iranian customers.
Roboforex said: we have a problem with our regulation, so we need you to remove everything you have written about Roboforex, then delete your videos about Roboforex.
I said okay! We worked together for 2 years. I guess this is what I should do for my business partner. But is there anything going to happen for my clients and me?
Roboforex answered: NO! Nothing will happen to you and your clients.
So I did what they asked.
The day after I deleted my videos and my texts about Rroboforex, they didn’t answer my texts! They didn’t answer my email, and they CLOSED my account.

This is a ticket that I have created in Roboforex. Look at the date:

After 2 days I sent them another ticket:

they did not answer! So I started an online chat with them. The support said you should send us an email! I did it. I sent them an email.

For about 15 days, I asked them to reply to me! But they didn’t.
I asked why you closed my account? They didn’t reply!
And after 15 days, this is what they send me :

My Iranian clients are trading, they have no problem, but Roboforex closed my account.
I said I have more than 60 active clients in your system.

I have advertised with you for about 2 years. This is not professional. This is different from the way you should treat your partners.
They dint answer. So, If you are a trader in Roboforex or a Roboforex affiliate, you should know what happened to me. They are not trustable!
If they decide to remove your account, they will do It and they will not answer you. My clients are trading and Roboforex is stealing my rebates.

What happened to the account?​

Nothing! account is deactivated :)
If you need to contact me for more information, you can send me an email: saeedtrading13 <at> Gmail <dot> com
ROBOforex Banned My account after I write this article!
so , Now you know how would they treat you :)


Active Trader
Nov 14, 2022
You should tell your clients and affiliates to boycott trading with them, unless they explicitly forbid registrations from Iran I don't see the reason to close your account. Try other brokers but make sure they accept clients from Iran


May 3, 2023
WTHHHHHH!!!! cant we trust even in regulated brokers? oh god heard of weakly regulated brokers but didn see the result!


Aug 2, 2021
I'm not sure if clients from Iran can trade with brokers.
I thought they were on the blacklist.

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