HotForex Upcoming February Webinars | Learn Analysis with a Former Wall Street Trader!


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Jun 26, 2014
HotForex Upcoming February Webinars | Learn Analysis with a Former Wall Street Trader!


Dear Client,

Join our Technical and Fundamental Analysis webinar with Senior Currency Strategist and former Wall Street Trader, John Knobel on Tuesday, 9th February at 12:00 PM GMT. Register for this webinar to learn how to take advantage of technical analysis and fundamental resources.

Also, do not miss our Trading the News Effectively in FX webinar with Senior FX trader, Josh from BlueSkyForex on Thursday, 11th February at 12:00pm GMT. This webinar will help you to discover the common pitfalls in news trading and how price action and mean reversion impact your trading.

Places are limited*, so book your free place now!

View our webinar lineup for February 2016:

09 Feb. 12:00 PM GMT: Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis

Our Senior Currency Strategist, John Knobel will examine and compare the differences in Fundamental and Technical Analysis, and how to blend the two methods into a trading plan.

During this webinar we will cover:

* The conflict between Technical and Fundamental Analysis
* Finding fundamental resources
* Advantages of Technical Analysis

Instructor: John Knobel , Senior Currency Strategist

11 Feb. 12:00 PM GMT: Trading the News Effectively in FX

Learn what you need to know about trading the news in this focused session with senior trader and FX researcher, Josh. We will look at:

* Price Action vs. Mean Reversion in news trading
* How to effectively trade the news in FX
* Common pitfalls in news trading

Instructor: Josh, BlueSkyForex.

16 Feb. 13:00 PM GMT: Live Analysis with Janne Muta

In this Live Analysis Webinar our Chief Market Analyst will analyse FX, Commodity and Stock Markets. This is a great learning opportunity for both new and experience traders as you can ask all your analysis, trading and risk management related questions as well as find trading setups for the coming days.

* Watch as Janne analyses FX, Commodity and Stock Markets in real time
* Learn how professional traders approach analysis and trading
* Get your trading questions answered live

Instructor: Janne Muta.

18 Feb. 12:00 PM GMT: Intro to Ichimoku - Renko

Join senior trader and FX researcher, Josh in this new webinar, where we will go over:

* What is the Ichimoku - Renko trading strategy
* Is it really as good as people think?
* How to really use Ichimoku - Renko

Instructor: Josh, BlueSkyForex

23 Feb. 13:00 PM GMT: Risk on / Risk off – How Do We Know?

We often hear that markets are in either Risk On or Risk Off mode, but what does it mean and how do we know which mode is prevalent at any given time? Furthermore, how do we trade the markets accordingly? In this webinar you’ll learn about:

* Risk aversion and appetite for risk
* Reading markets and price action
* Trading markets with an enhanced understanding of market psychology

Instructor: Janne Muta, HotForex Chief Market Analyst

25 Feb. 12:00 PM GMT: How is China Impacting Your FX Trading?

Join senior trader and FX researcher, Josh in this new webinar, where we will go over:

* Overview of China’s economic landscape
* How does this affect the various currencies
* Dangers to look out for

Instructor: Josh, BlueSkyForex

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Customer Support Team via myHotForex, live chat, or by email

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*Please Note: Places are limited and we cannot guarantee availability. On the day of the Webinar, make sure to dial in or login on time using the instructions in the confirmation email you receive following registration. When the maximum number of attendees is reached, no further registrants will be able to join.