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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Johny, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Johny

    Johny Trader

    I am thinking of going with HotForex as a non US broker. Is anyone using or have used them in the past and can give feed back on them. I am also looking at a couple of others, but seems like i keep coming back to this one.
  2. Megamind

    Megamind Active Trader

    A friend of mine trade with it and happy. So far no complains. Can recommend you!
  3. Stan

    Stan Active Trader

    Dear Johny,

    My name is George and I am one the representatives of HotForex. Please let mek know if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    HotForex Representative
  4. Forex Rebates

    Forex Rebates Trader

    I am an affiliate of Hot Forex and I have quite a few clients that seem content with them and keep trading with them. I have not personally traded with Hot Forex but I have had numerous dealings with their representatives and they all are very helpful. They make you feel like a person rather than an account number. They have always been good at paying out commissions, which would most likely be the same with withdrawals.
  5. denika

    denika Trader

    They Don’t Care About Clients’ Privacy Details. I’m none of Hotforex employee but on 30/09/2011 John Watson asked me to contact one of their client in Indonesia becuse they wondering if credit card used by that client to made deposit was a stolen CC. To contact the client of course he gave me that client’s detail. Regarding to privacy concern, is that what good broker does? You can see screen shoot of our chat here:

    They Reimbursed Some of Clients’ Fund Just To Keep Their Rating On Some Forum HIGH. We read on some forums that in some cases like their MT4 server down they reimbursed clients’ fund. Did they reimburse all of clients or just them whom made a bad reviews/complaints in wellknown forums?

    If they really STP/ECN such order must already went through interbank/liquidity, how come they reimbursed such losing trade?
  6. daminghu

    daminghu Banned

    i was also recommended by someone earlier this year, overall I am satisfied with Hotforex. I noticed they are improved a lot in the Chinese market too, i can even get Chinese customer service now.
  7. Hello from India,

    Well, I heard lots of about the Hotforex but not sure that its good for Indian users, anyone help me out for some more specification ?

  8. Thanks for your sharing thoughts on my question, you are trading with hotforex since ????
  9. daminghu

    daminghu Banned


    I don't see any problem that hotforex can not be suitable for indian.

    Hotforex works well in China. and they can even speak Chinese and provide excellent localized services.

    i think you are using ENglish, and there is nothing differrent for other stuff.

    so, be assured of using hotforex.
  10. As you said "they can even speak Chinese and provide excellent localized services. "

    is there any hotforex office located in china or they have chinese people who working with them ?

    They have people who speak in Hindi also ?
  11. daminghu

    daminghu Banned

    I don't think they had office in China yet. however I get their email in Chinese, Instant Live Chat in Chinese, and phone calls directly from Chinese staff. so feel like very comfortable.

    I don't know about whether they provide Hindi or not.

  12. Thanks for your response on my question daminghu, I will look forward with their Customer Service.
  13. daminghu

    daminghu Banned

    yes, they reply quickly to your problems and they are friendly. Hotforex is the one who make you feel talk with real person, instead of boring machine from many other brokers.
  14. lol :) may be you are too addicted with Hotforex :)
  15. daminghu

    daminghu Banned

    I have feel that Hotforex is good and willing to share my experience.
    I read their analysis very often, they are really doing great at this too.

  16. I appreciated your experiences lol :)
  17. DiF0r

    DiF0r Active Trader

    I'm trading with HotForex too and they are ok.

    They had a few server problems but if you loose your money because of downtime, they will reimburse your loses. That happened to me and a few friends some time ago. So I can't say anything bad about them..
    I'm almost 1 year with them now
  18. Let me know what is your experiences with them so far ?
  19. inggo

    inggo Master Trader

    ei guys, im not sure if its only me, but things seem to be a lot smoother with execution now a days, trading the news is not that hard, i enjoy scaloing though im a position trader :)
  20. elishaab

    elishaab Trader

    HOTFOREX is Good Broker

    Thats nice. I have been using HF for some time now and I think they are great. what I enjoy about their service is the PAMM system they run. Good presentation of Managers record

    There is no brokers that is 100% good. so I know HF is not 100% but the level of service is accepted

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