Holy Grail Renko Trading system (Review)


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Sep 5, 2014
Greetings, earthlings! Here are my grades for the Amazing Forex trading System based on Renko Chart for Long terms trade , Daytrade or Scalping , the results were amazing indeed!, stable signal for trading with no noise or perturbation , one trade can make from 50 pips & Up to 1000 pips easy !


Let's Review this System And now here are the grades:

Indicator Name : Renko Chase Trading System
English Website : http://www.renkotrading.net
Russian Website : http://www.renkotrading.net
Tutorial & Manual : Official Youtube Channel

Trading Style : Renko Charts
Platform : Meta Trader 4 Build +700
Trading Methods : Manual
Version : 2.0

Profitability: 20/20

Rarely do , I give perfect scores for profitability, but this system definitely takes the cake! For the forward tests conducted over since August 2014, the Renko Chase Trading System yielded profits on average 1000 to 2500 pips weekly For self backtesting period to September 2014, the system churned out an impressive 50 pips to 300 pips for each trade position , using only small Stop loss 30 to 50 pips If news came reverse expectation .

Apart from that, the system had a pretty very high Win ratio face very few losses. In fact, over the backtesting period for live trade, following amazing strategy by moving stop loss At Entry just after making affdorable profits following Strategy given by CIT Strategist, the moving stop does a pretty good job of protecting profits and locking in gains as price moves in the trade’s favor.


Risk Tolerance: 19/20

Renko Chase Trading System also has a solid risk management strategy in place, as the 30-pip Loss stop to locks small loss and insure major gains along the way , there is a preliminary signal allows for an early exit during volatile market situations. The Histogram a good alarm of filtering out trade signals & trend direction during times of consolidation.

The initial 50-pip stop rarely gets hit, although I can’t help but wonder if the results would be the same if the original stop is set at 30 pips to make for a potential 2:1 return with the same 60-pip profit target , and without any signal to exit trade you can follow storm for major profits by moving stop loss on entry price .

Newbie-Friendliness: 20/20

The system rules are fairly easy to understand and implement for Newbies trader , as it's of course very good for professional with a good understanding of basic technical indicators can make use of this simple yet profitable trading system , this system is NOT TimeFrame candlestick trading system , No chart patterns knowledge Required , knowledge of economic event & news Impact very desired.

Money Management : 17/20

According to our experience with this system, we put greed aside at the beginning, and take care about gain & loss , Sometimes we put a simple Take profits between 50 to 100 pips as first target an set stop loss limit that we can embrace , Then we examine the possibility to continue for second target or close position.

In the best case we choose pairs that has more important economic news during week by using Economic Calendar data , in expect to occur flood in prices, in these cases, about moving the stop loss to the entry point and adventure in the hunt for the storm of price , This why this indicator has gain the famous name "Chase" that mean stalking, to get to the goals of excellence expected, and may we're lucky in many times to reap more than 700 points from 1 trade postion 8 Business days .

A substantial factor as experienced Forex traders' success is they manage their funds by the time-proved rules. One of them is as follows: one should risk at a deal of an amount not exceeding a certain percentage of a deposit. Different experts advise to hold to diverse levels, but usually the percentage is from 1% to 5% (for further calculations 3% is used).

:) Trend following Without technical analysis


Pairs & Strategy : 19/20

Can be used on Stocks , Gold , Index .... and All Forex Currency Pairs

· EUR/USD - EURO vs US-Dollar
· GBP/USD - Great British Pound vs US-Dollar
· GBP/JPY - Great British Pound vs Japanese Yen
· GBP/NZD - Great British Pound vs NewZealand Dollar
· AUD/USD - Australian Dollar vs US-Dollar
· NZD/USD - NewZealand Dollar vs US-Dollar
· USD/CHF - US-Dollar vs Swiss Franc
· USD/CAD - US-Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
· USD/DKK - US-Dollar vs Denmark Krone
· EUR/JPY - EURO vs Japanese Yen
· AUD/JPY - Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
· CHF/JPY - Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen
· EUR/AUD - EURO vs Australian Dollar
· EUR/CAD - EURO vs Canadian Dollar

Unfortently NOT WORK for The Following Currency Pairs :

· EUR/GBP - EURO vs Great British Pound
· USD/JPY - US-Dollar vs Japanese Yen
· EUR/CHF - EURO vs Swiss Franc
· AUD/NZD - Australian Dollar vs NewZealand Dollar

Total Score: 95/100

All in all, this is probably the highest grade any mechanical system has ever gotten in my framework. Not only does it generate decent profits, but it also has an effective risk management plan and is easy for newbies to understand… Amazing indeed!

It looks like some of my readers have also gotten positive results from this system. Could this be the Holy Grail system that we’ve been looking for? Don’t be shy to share your thoughts on this trading system in the comment box below!


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Sep 5, 2014
Let's take look on this Analysis using this system on :

Equity/ Earning in : ($)
Drawdown in : (pips)
Trade Volume : (Lot)


Equity Control


Detailed Statment in ($)


Detailed Statment in (PIPS)



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Sep 5, 2014
Let's Continue Full Analysis :

Profit SHORT vs LONG


Total Profit :

Profit /Loss


Win/Loss trade on week days



Aug 25, 2014
I don’t quite understand the charts; but it is worth giving a trial on a demo account; I won’t dare risk the fund I have painstakingly built on my Profiforex account on a system I haven’t tried on a demo account first no matter how sure it looks.


Aug 10, 2015
I promise when I buy this system, and it doesn't meet up to expectations or that the indicators repaint or lag, I promise to come here and give my finding and also bring their product down in every forum and pages as I can


Aug 10, 2015
In a normal market condition the signals comes early and doesn't reapint. Judging from experience with other indicators I think this is worth the price, but to get very accurates and awesome result u have to use a CSM with it. I am impressed. This is cool

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Dec 10, 2015
In a normal market condition the signals comes early and doesn't reapint. Judging from experience with other indicators I think this is worth the price, but to get very accurates and awesome result u have to use a CSM with it. I am impressed. This is cool
Hi Narutopips, do you still trade with the software and how have the results been lately? What is the CSM you should use with the system you talked about?