High Quality Candlestick Pattern Filter


Jul 3, 2015
There are many candlestick patterns but only a few are actually worth knowing. Candlestick Pattern Filter detects and marks the most reliable candlestick patterns. Remember that these patterns are only useful when you understand what is happening in each pattern. They should be combined with other forms of technical analysis for best result.
Don't miss to try it out. Just taking some seconds and you will see that is amazing indicator for all traders.

Download link: High Quanlity Candlestick Pattern Filter

These patterns are included:

1. Hammer / Hanging Man
2. Inverted Hammer / Shooting Star
3. Bullish / Bearish Engulfing
4. Piercing Line / Dark Cloud Cover
5. Morning Star / Evening Star
6. Bulish / Bearish Harami

Outstanding Features

High accuracy: The accuracy has been improved by tuning process. We have a set of input parameters for each patterns and adjust input parameters to get the best result.

Attach weighted value for each pattern: when display label for each pattern, we provide additional score for accuracy. The label format is:
<Pattern name>.<additional score>/<maximum score of pattern>

For example: BU_E.2/3 means Bullish Engulf pattern with accurate score is 2, and maximum additional score of Bullish Engulf pattern is 3.


Show_Alert: true/false: Show alert about new coming candlestick pattern or not.
Show_Comment: true/false: Turn on/off comment at the top-left corner of chart screen.
Label_Hammer: default('HR'): label for Hammer pattern
Display_Hammer: true/false: Display label for Hammer pattern or not.
Show_Hammer_Alert: true/false: Show alert about Hammer pattern or not.
Color_Hammer: default(Blue): Display Hammer label with the color.
Label_Evening_Star: default('E_S'): label for Evening Star pattern
Display_Evening_Star: true/false: Display label for Evening Star pattern or not.
Show_Evening_Star_Alert: true/false: Show alert about Evening Star pattern or not.
Color_Evening_Star: default(Blue): Display Evening Star label with the color.



Download link: High Quanlity Candlestick Pattern Filter
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Nov 15, 2015
I am prefer trade with candlestick pattern but I am not use indicator, and this indicator might helpful and we all can try this indicator, thank for share