Here is some homework for you "News Traders" (TFMN)


Dec 21, 2011
Home work for all you news traders...

I put together two links to an article that was posted on zero hedge today.
The first link is an article on a topic they have been watching closely for the past month or so.

Its titled "1.12 On The EURUSD Coming?" (read this one first)
click here for article

Then read this one next
"Banks set to double crisis loans from ECB"
click here to read article

Why is this important?
There are many mixed signals when trying to decipher the news that is report and then try to make a trading decision. We have to keep our "eye on the ball" and this could give up a "heads up" on the next direction
the EUR/USD takes and when.

We are already seeing signs of a potential top in price on the EUR/USD daily charts.
Now we just need the catalyst.

Sorry forum moderator if I am not supposed to post links to outside articles,
I think this will help all EUR/USD traders and the experience of watching this unfold can provide some new analysis skills and sources for news.

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