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Jul 26, 2017
I got message to say hello :) so saying hello.

I was poker player since 2009 when I got first bonus from pokerstrategy.com. But I had breaks from poker. So its not 8 years. Maybe like 5 or so.

Was not able to beat high limits, but I believe I have potential, just needed to find good information, tried even coach for 100 eur per hour. I think he improved me, but after few months after coach I am not sure why I took a break. Oh maybe needed to learn lot for my work, because I was just few months in new job. I am php developer.

And my ex friend poker player suggested reading or listening rich dad poor dad book which inspired to be interested in investing.

So I subsribed an invsting magazine and it gives free seminars/conferences.

Probably in conferences I got invitations to forex companies parties. And in the party TMS brokers company got probably my contacts and said they can teach me how to trade. I still did not have time few montsh because of job and learning, but they kept calling and one day I was more free and I talked a lot, like an hour, how those things are working, how to understand.

I did not undetstant how I can sell something what I do not have - like going short USD cad. I do not have dollar - how can I sell it :D

THe worker explained me in detail how this works.

It started at 2017 march 30 or so.

So its almost 4 months.

I am not confident in making profits yet, but I keep learning and I am still motivated. At first I thouth this is super hard. Maybe it still is, but I have a hope.

ALso I think I found some good resources like dailyfx and economies.com for forecasting, telling the levels. And also dailypriceaction.com - I am reading his articles and some info makes sense, some still not, but maybe its because I do not understand.

I got there becuase I needed Position size calculator - great tool, just need some improvements which I told to the website administrator. Saves lot of time. Maybe this will be improved.

In poker forum when I said I am trying to leran forex, some ex poker player said not to do so because now there are trading robots and I will not beat them.

And better invest time into programming.

But from my programming work experience, this is very stresful often. I hate this. I like programming, but it feels like I am most of the time in rush and this creates stress for me. If not rush, then it would be cool.

So poker or forex does not require rush. Poker requires rush if you want to grind big volume. But you do not need to if you do not want. You will earn less but will not feel stress.

THe problem is that I did not manage to earn engouh for living ffom poker. I made during my carrer abou 1800 eur which is super low considering time spent.

If I will decide that forex is not for me, I might go back to poker.

But if forex is for me, then it is even better than poker, because you do not have constantly work - money wroks for you.
When playing poker- you are still workign all the time - you stop working, you are not making money.

In forex - you sit, open positions, and then wait, can go play some computer game which does not create any profit even if you want. That would be a dream job.

OF course who knows maybe even if now it is profitable, maybe some day itwill not be profitable because bots will take all the money from forex. Unless I create my bot and it takes money.

Another thing - for some reason in forex it looks that there is more money to be made than in poker.

In poker they have to constantly attract fish and there are 90% of players not fish when you sit at the table. THey are not necesarily winning players, they might be slightly losing, but losing because of rake, not because that you can make money from them, unelss you are super good. But oif that is the casem you move up level and you are not super good anymore.

But in case forex is not profitable, I need to have some backup skill. WHich can be programing - this is likely needed skill in future. Unless bots will learn to program. But if they will learn to program, then they will know everything what human can do probably and there will be no jobs for humans. Then you will need to invest into robot who makes money for you and you sit and relax and live well.

Good thing also is - if I have ideas what to code for forex, I can do this.

So that was a long article :)

I might not show up here often, unelss there is a reason. I am already on 2 forex forums and I do not have enough time to read all interesting posts in them.