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Mar 26, 2011
Groundbreaking Forex Thor, an EA with proven results of profitability

Forex Thor is a revolutionary trading system which returns high and stable profits during all kinds of market conditions.

Thor Forex is a 100% automated forex trading system, which is truly revolutionary. They spent almost 6figures during the developing process, and the result is a cutting-edge forex system with excellent risk reward ratio (1:3) and high profitability.

Its algorithms use the same analytic methods quants uses to bank big independently from the market conditions. At the same time, Forex Thor is very easy to use. Installation and configuration require only minutes, and the built in voice system ensure that even traders with little or no forex trading can use the system successfully.

Full support (E-Mail, Chat, Remote Connection and Phone) is provided as well. And as this wouldn't be enough, They back it up with a complete "air tight" guarantee what takes all risk away from the client shoulders.

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Unstoppable Forex Profit

Most Effective Forex Indicator - Just Launched - You are about to get the software capable of doubling or even tripling your account balance in just a few days

I have a major announcement for you today. Finally Austin Winston has opened the doors to his brand new and most profitable indicator "Unstoppable Forex Profit"

Unstoppable Forex Profit is blowing up everyones mind. It's an amazing software.
Unstoppable Forex Profit is the best forex indicator you will ever use.

Imagine if you used this software on multiple pairs and timeframes during the day - you could make hundreds of pips. 983226


Ultra fast profit

There is something "fantastic" that has been recently discovered on Forex. Now anyone will be able to make ultra fast profit trading Forex because there is simply no way to fail if you use this brand new secret trading weapon: the " Ultra Fast Profit" for metatrader4.

Absolutely incredible combination of the Forex proven to be profitable indicators, trading secrets and magic price action trick = "Ultra Fast Profit" indicator.


"Ultra Fast 50...200 Pips Profit" every day! New Super Easy Forex profit

I have something interesting for you.There is
a brand new simple to use unknown
secret Ultra fast profit indicator which generates
50..200 pips easy and fast any day of the week - just published:

"Ultra Fast Profit"

Most likely the best Forex Software that makes
the fastest possible profit in the Forex history:
Download and try it -


Million Dollar Pips - Uses A Unique Scalping Strategy

The First Real Million Dollar Forex Robot. Uses A Unique Scalping Strategy To Bring In Quick Pips With Literally Less Than 5 Pip Stop Loss!

There has been many robots launched and there are sure to be more. Many that claim success, and some that claim millions.

I'm delighted to share with you.. the first real million dollar forex robot.
Look at the account: $1000 to now over $1800 within a few weeks. A whopping 80% gain.
Tests go as high as $50,000,000 in PROFIT from a small account size in a matter of years!

The best part... Stop loss is rarely greater than 2 - 7 pips!
This is a real system. And you MUST try it.


100 pips Daily Scalper

World's FIRST Forex scalper that predicts price movements BEFORE they happen and generates 100+ pips daily... Just imagine making instant profit on Forex every minute
On average you could make 100+ pips daily if you use this new ultimate Scalping tool! It is not magic but an advanced IT technology that enables the indicator to "see" where the price is going, therefore you will always be on the right side of the market - on the winning side. Once you get this new secret 1 minute scalper - you will never look back, and never want to use any other Forex scalping system or software. This is easy for anyone but only known to a group of Wealthy FX Trading Elite!

Important: This is a brand new SCALPING indicator, never seen before on the market! This is something very special! Why?:
Because we have used a brand, new never seen before (first published August 2011): secret combination of Forex tools and indicators together - that removes a major problem of SCALPING – most of the FALSE SIGNALS!

Unlike other indicators you do not have to sit in front of your PC all day waiting for a signal to be generated. Everything is done - buy sell popup alert, email alert + Blue line BUY, Red line SELL will be printed on your screen! You can configure the "100 Pips daily scalper" to Email you when a signal is generated. That's right, get signal alerts straight to your phone or work Email automatically. It also works on ANY currency pair so you can always have signals coming your way no matter what markets are open!
This is the FX software that could generate an incredible amount of money to your account - if you follow all the rules. Even if you are a beginner, it will take you only a couple of minutes to master - it is totally plug-n-play, there is nothing to learn!


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