Grid Expert Trading Robot VertexFX


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Aug 8, 2015
Grid Expert Trading Robot is a professional VertexFX client side Auto Trader for trading grids of orders on financial instruments.

The idea behind the Grid Expert trading robot is that it uses the Hedge strategy. if the price reverses hedging grid gets triggered and recovers the possible loss from the previous trades.
Hedging capabilities doesn’t offer too many options to close a trade or a basket even though stop-loss and take-profit are available if the hedging strategy is applied.

The Grid Expert is a vertexFX client side trading robot which uses grid trading strategy to book maximum profit. It opens more than one trade, at certain distances from each other which is specified in DISTANCE parameter. The Grid Expert trading robot is a professional tool for trading grids of orders on financial instruments.

When the robot is attached to the chart it opens multiple Buy and Sell Pending orders at a distance specified in DISTANCE parameter. The number of pending orders can be controlled by NumberOfTrades parameter. If NumberOfTrade parameter is set to 2 then the robot will open 2 Buy and 2 Sell pending orders of the lot size specified in the LOTS parameter.

At first buy and sell pending order is opened with the lot size which is specified in LOTSIZE parameters and for every next pending orders the lot size gets doubled. This help in hedging of loss making positions when the executed trades goes in loss.

Once the position gets open, it is control by Stop Loss and Take Profit values assigned in TP and SL parameters and once the predefined stop loss or take profit hits the grid, it restarted again.


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