Greatest Deal Ever For New Trader/Learner.

Jan 13, 2019
Hey, I'm Robi.

apology for my bad English.
I'm Trading on forex for a year almost. Before I started I wanted the best possible education I can get though I also believe self education is the best education. Although we need some right direction that can help us to become a successful trader and not being caught by signals, EA, indicators. We need to learn how to read the chart and beware whats going on in real trading world.

I took two course. For technical sector I took MPA course by Urban Forex which is cost 249$ and for fundamental I took ITPM by Anton Kreil which is cost 2999$.

I also took others courses but by far those two are the best. yes I know taking those expensive courses is not possible for everyone. So, I decided to to give them away only for 200$ for each courses.

If anyone interested give a message or mail me at this ID- .
Now if you think 200$ is still expensive for you then you can tell me your price at your budget.
Thank you everyone. Happy Trading