Graal Cross - VertexFX Server EA


Master Trader
May 8, 2014
Graal Cross is a server side VTL expert adviser. The EA is based on exponential moving average cross over and momentum at the time of EMA cross over. The momentum filter eliminates many false cross overs or whip saws associated with normal EMA cross over strategies. The trading system rules are:

1 Buy when fast EMA cross above slow EMA and momentum is positive.

2 Sell when fast EMA cross below slow EMA and momentum is negative.

3 Apply a stop loss and take profit to open positions.

The fast EMA period, slow EMA period, and momentum period is defined by the parameters of the expert adviser. The momentum filter is further enhanced by a minimum value above or below zero level defined by the parameter momentum filter. Default stop loss is 20 pips and target is 200 pips. All these parameters can be changed in the VTL editor before running the EA on the server. The parameters are located at the top of the script. Parameters are documented in the script file for quick reference.

To run the EA on server, open the script in VTL editor and click on the Run button. This will save the EA on the server and start the EA on the server. This is a unique feature available in VertexFX, the client can close the client terminal and the EA will continue to run on the server.



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