Google Adsense Problems – Whom Should I Contact?


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Apr 17, 2013
Hi Forumers,

Please I’m having an issue with my blog (… The Google Adsense application on it was running for more than 4 years without any problem.

Nevertheless, I recently saw it in my Dashboard that I needed to apply for Adsense to show on the blog and track my records, which meant that the Adsense ads that were running on the website were just doing so for nothing.

I called a tech guy who helped me look into the issue, but we couldn’t solve any problem. I’m at loss as to what to do…

I now think that the best solution to this problem is to contact Google people, especially the ones in charge of Adsense and Adwords, so that they can help me check my blog and fix whatever errors they see there, while giving me further advice where necessary.

Please I need your answers, I don’t know the EMAIL ADDRESS(ES) I need to contact so that this kind of issue would be solved once and for all. Please who can provide me with relevant email address(es) to contact, so that their attention can be drawn to the problem, for a possible solution.

You objective and precise answers would be forever appreciated.

Many thanks!


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Hello DaveM:

Thank you very much for this helpful reply.

I have some Blogger blogs and have had some questions which were answered by experts very quickly.
While I have not had a ton of questions, I was pretty pleased with the speed that I got replies.
There are some people in there that are Blogger experts and they can deal with Google itself to get some diagnostics made if the problems are really tough.

That's why I recommended that method

I hope it helps to resolve the problem
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