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    Many people attempt online FOREX trading without proper knowledge on trading, which make the market a very scary place for them and others around them. Most people around the world they find [URL deleted] FOREX trading a very interesting mine after hearing about it, they find it a place to fulfill their dreams, however when times goes by they tend to be very disappointed, why?

    7 Reason why people fail within the FOREX trading market

    1. Lack of proper knowledge about the market

    2. Over leveraging

    3. Being Impatient

    4. Still newbies

    5. Having inadequate skill of using [URL deleted] Economic calendar

    6. Having no winning strategy

    7. Having not enough Capital to control the market

    Jumping into the battle without proper training or understanding of your enemy will never make you a hero. Being in the war is very dangerous we all know but eventually there should be a victor. I will never teach anyone how to be successful in trading but I can teach people that the best way to be successful in trading is to have enough knowledge before you start trading.
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