Get free some hundred forex bonus as you like


Feb 9, 2011
Need a money to start forex trading ?
get no deposit forex bonus as you like for free from instaforex forum .

just register with that forum and get 0.2$ (20 cents) per every post you make .
Prove :




1. Every forum member automatically becomes the campaign participant.
2. Standard reward for a post is $0.2. Bonus for posting in "Free dialog" section is $0.05.
3. Reward is credited as a bonus to participant's trading account with InstaForex by the totals at the end of each month.
4. Bonus can not be withdrawn from account, but there are no restrictions for withdrawal of a profit.
5. A participant can provide unlimited number of accounts for crediting bonus, but he/she is able to change account number only once in 2 months.
6. Bonus can not be credited to account registered under affiliate account.


1. Advertising posts are not rewarded.
2. Posts must be original and pithy.
3. Flooding and off-top posts are not rewarded.
4. Do not multiply senseless or inessential posts.
5. Lenght of a post must be not less than 2 lines.
6. Bonuses can be cancelled or not credited without explaining a reason, as a result of breaking campaign's rules or participant's exclusion from the campaign.
7. In case conditions 2, 4 and 5 are not realized, the administration reserves a right to apply correction factor to a total monthly result.

And get 0.1$ (10cents) per every post made by your referrals .

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Note : bonus is available for trading only but you can withdraw the profits at any time as you want
if there any question please post it