Get 5 – 20% of your total investment daily. By using my EA


Mar 11, 2011
Attention all get 5 – 20% of your total investment daily. Im going to introduce a super hit earning program that can really change your life I promise.

A little introduction about my self and my profitable system.​

Well I am 27 year old lived in Asia and married. Im having a job as IT support engineer, like others members who want some extra cash I used to provide different web promotion services on different forums.
Later on I changed my part time profession and get busy in search of a stable income that can give me profit on daily basis. Time passed and when I open my eyes I found my self on forex platform.

As you all know in forex there are so many methods/ strategies through which you can really earn some good money if you follow them properly.
And I found my dream one. That used to call a digital method based on mathematical equation.
I used to follow that and start earning. As time passed I was unable to give time on it and can not be sit in front of my personal computer. So I decided to make a robot that can do that job. And give this digital method to a coder to code and make a robot.

Guess what ?

I got success in it and after heavy payout about 500$. I got my auto trading system that can give stable income daily. Its 5% to 20% of your total investment.


Q: is it fully automated?
A: Yes.
Q: Do I have to know any thing about forex trading ?
A: No it will do it, you just have to put that on.
Q: Are you going to help us setting it up ?
A: Sure why not im here for you?
Q : Do you have any report or trading results ?
A: Yes.
Q: If its true then why don’t you use it your self and earn the money ?
A: Now that’s my favorite question im using it on my live account, tested it for atleast a month. Take my place and think that if you getting funds after month and you have a chance to get them in a day as well then why wont you go for that ? Im doing the same im earning in both ways long term and short term.

Just 50$ for 1st four members and then next four would pay double price.
Note after this month I get more live trading statement on this then the price would be 300$ per single user.

Mode of payment:
In forex money booker is more famous then paypal so I would go for moneybookers only.

All terms and conditions apply. Pm for more details and statements only serious member would apply please.