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Jack Wilson

Apr 5, 2012
Hello all, This is Admin of Genuinereturns. We offer a genuine investment plan to those who cannot open a forex account and trade.

About Genuinereturns:

Company's mission is to provide best service with steady returns along with excellent customer service and safety of funds. The returns we offer are practically and is achievable in reality. The promises are backed up with one year live statement of getting above 10% consistently in forex market.

Other features of Genuinereturns:

* $500 minimum to open an account
* Weekly withdrawals automatic
* Managed Forex accounts above $2000.
* Principle returned with prior 30 days notice anytime from the date of investment.
* Very good IB commissions

If you have any questions or comments regarding, please, feel free to contact us at our website.

Instant Messenger: Yahoo/Gmail/Skype: hedgems

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