Gator VTL Indicator


Jul 30, 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Hello Traders,

In this a new indicator named 'Gator VTL Indicator', for Vertex FX system.

When we get successive full green lines in indicator window that show a potential for upward price move. On the other hand when we see full red line increasing one after another that indicates a strong down trend in price movement.

We use three moving averages to calculate values in this indicator, named as Jaws, Teeth, and Lips.

In input section you can set period and shift for each moving average. There are 6 variables in input section, they are

1. Jaws Period - The period over which the jaws Moving Average is calculated.

2. Jaws Shift - The shift of jaws moving average to be used.

3. Teeth Period - The period over which the Teeth Moving Average is calculated.

4. Teeth Shift - The shift of Teeht moving average to be used.

5. Lips period - The period over which the lips moving average is calculated.

6. Lips Shift - The shift of lips moving average to be used.

By using right combination of input variables this indicator can be configured for best performance and signal right trade at right time.

To get the script please visit :


Naeem Hasan