[FxScroll.Com] -- Get Free EA Buy/Sell Per Tick 0.01 & 0.10 Lot


Feb 3, 2013
FxScroll.Com is now offering simple EA for free to clients.

-- Buy/Sell EA Per Tick --

This EA is simple. It will opens positions per tick. There are 4 types available: "Buy 0.01 Lot EA"; "Buy 0.1 lot EA"; "Sell 0.01 Lot EA"; and "Sell 0.1 Lot EA". It helps you to trade semi automatic since you have to intervene the positions manually. You need to activate or deactivate manually. This EA also will be helpful for you to open positions instantly and avoid re-quotes.

Tips: This simple EA is suitable for scalping. Attach also iExposure customs indicators to help you how many lots opened by this EA. Stop this EA after you reach some lots based on your MM. After getting some profits you wanted, you can hedge your positions and modify to "multiple close by" your positions. You can activate and deactivate your EA anytime you want and any time you see opportunities.

Risks: This EA will always runs if you not stop it manually, so you have to check the iExposure customs indicator for your lots. Not stopping the EA manually will cause excessive lots in your trading and will risk your trades and margins and can cause big losses. Use it to your MM / Money Management accordingly.

Terms & Conditions:
1. FxScroll.Com is not responsible for the losses caused by this EA
2. By requesting and accepting this EA clients know the risk of using this EA and will be responsible in using this EA
3. Clients have to join and contact FxScroll.Com to get this EA