FX-Integrator - Be part of the next Generation in Automated trading


Master Trader
Mar 26, 2011
The technology behind the FX-Integrator is different from anything you have seen before,

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t's a simple fact that most automated trading systems are designed the wrong way round -- the emphasis is always on profits, yet professional traders and fund managers focus on one thing before all else -- risk and money management.

The truth is that sometimes the safest place to be is out of the market -- you cannot lose money if you don't trade!

Unfortunately, most automated trading systems on the market today have a very poor approach to risk and money management. You may have seen commercial Forex products that risk 300-500 pips to make small profits, or systems that have a better risk-to-reward ratio but have terrible draw-downs.

Most traders opt for an automated system so they can bypass the emotions of fear and greed that move the market. But when your system starts losing, it is very hard to overcome the fear element and continue trading the system on your live account.

FX-Integrator is the long-awaited answer to these fundamental issues -- a complete trading mainframe (or "brain") that combines profitable trading strategies with never-before-seen risk and money management.

Not only have we incorporated a lot of features requested by my students, we wanted to create something really special. We believe that FX-Integrator is a unique trading mainframe, which combines the best in money management with advanced features and functionality that has never been seen before in an MT4 automated trading system.

Of course, money management is vitally important, but we also wanted to create trading systems that are time-tested and proven. When you become an FX-Integrator member, you will get access to one of my best trading systems -- made even better, with low draw-downs -- with the help of the advanced FX-Integrator money management features.

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