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Feb 5, 2017
Fx Hoster: Ensures lighting fast speed in MT4/MT5 trading account hosting.

-We present our VPS service at a competitive market cost.

-Ultra-low latency providing is one of our special credits.

-Servers are specifically optimized for meta-trading.

-Responsive features for all devices, screen sizes & platform.

Fx Hoster is the ultimate VPS service provider to the forex trader. You will be largely assisted by our lighting fast trading execution quality. In our server, you will deal with no slippage at all. We have assimilated the latest hardware technology into our servers to assure speedy trading. With great team members & the all-time available support unit, we can guarantee 24/7 technical assistance.

Our Key Features :

•Our basic server program appears from $2.99/month.

• Lowest latency in a millisecond (minimum 1 ms) unit.

•100% uptime guaranteed.

•Dedicated server program for pro traders.

•Full RDP (remote desktop protocol) connection.

•Widow based servers are adaptable for all versions.

•Great reseller opportunity where you can make 5% to 20 % commission for every close.

Fx Hoster Plans :

Economic Policy

-Comes into six specific categories.

-Pricing starts from $2.99/month.

-Windows VPS.

-Dedicated RAM (750 MB-5 GB)

-Pure SSD disk

-1-6 Core CPU

-1 dedicated IP

-Enhanced for MT4/MT5

-100% uptime

Business Class

-Shows into four particular groups.

-Pricing starts from $23.99/month.

-Windows VPS.

-Dedicated RAM(6GB-50GB).

-2-8 core CPU.

-Pure SSD disk.

-1 dedicated IP

-Unlimited bandwidth.

-Developed for MT4/MT5 (Forex VPS Hosting).

-100% uptime

-Full RDP & root connection.

Latency Optimized

-Runs into six different categories.

-Pricing starts from $5.99/month.

-Windows VPS.

-Dedicated RAM (756MB-6GB).

-Pure SSD disk

-1-5 core CPU

-1 dedicated IP

-Optimized for MT4/MT5

-100% uptime

Dedicated Server Plan

-Comes into ten specific categories.

-Pricing starts from $99.99/month.

-Windows VPS.

-DDR4 RAM (32GB-128GB).

-Soft Raid two 2TB disks.

-Intel Xeon CPU

-1 dedicated IP with 1 additional IP.

-Developed for MT4/MT5

-100% uptime

We Acknowledge
You can make the deposit through NETELLER, PayPal, Skrill, VISA.

Refund Policy
You can have 3 days’ partial cash-back guarantee if you think our server programs are not up to your expected level.

If you have any further inquiry, you can always reach our 24/7 available support team.

Mail now- support@fxhoster.com
Call now- +16093083622

To choose the most appropriate plan for your trading, make a visit to our Company.