FX-Agency Advisor 2


Jul 30, 2012
Glendale, CA, USA
FX-Agency Advisor II: So, you want a Forex system with high return with very little draw down? You are going to love this!
The new FX-Agency Advisor II is on a totally different level than anything on Metatrader 4, E-Signal, Tradestation etc. It is so different than any one of our previous series, that we even made a new template as you can see to show that our systems are NOT the same especially this one.
With the FX-Agency Advisor II, not only does it tell you exactly the price when to enter the trade, and give you a stop-loss and take profit but it gives you 2 entries in one! And most of the time they are very close in distance. This will almost guarantee a definite trade because the market HAS to move in either direction. For you it should be making pips in either way. And to drive our percentage of winning up to 85%.
The FX-Agency Advisor II is packed with goodies, here’s some key features:
- Able to monitor multiple currency pairs on single chart!
- Usable with all currency pairs, stocks, metals etc
- Effective on all time frames
- Audio Alert window integration
- Highly user friendly
- 100% price action signals
- Multilingual Customer Support available 24/5 in 12 languages
- Templates included with preset optimal settings
Stocks, Futures, Metals are also tradable!
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