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Sep 9, 2009

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Dear Valued Members/Investors

We write to introduce our Fund Management Strategy partnership program to you. Fxsolution service is a group of forex (FX) Fund manager’s with five years experience in the fund management strategies, in recent years and today's complex and dynamic economic environment, being an educated investor is vital to achieving once financial goals. The fast developing technology and the expanding financial globalization boost investment opportunities, bringing them to your doorstep. Today you can invest in a mutual fund in India, in an investment fund in Australia, or buy shares in a textile manufacturing plant in China, without leaving your home.

The emerging economies of Eastern Europe and East Asia are now providing some of the most lucrative investment opportunities, becoming attractive and healthy investment environments.

Investors who have penetrated these markets are adopting a global perspective, breaking new ground out skilled has been improved in such away that we have added financial instrument to our managed fund, earlier, we based only in trading currencies (GBP/USD, USDCAD, USDJPY, GBPJPY and EURUSD) but now we have added some stocks from Emerging market to our financial portfolio to improve and increase our investor ROI (Return On Investment) with a power of compounding in long a run process.

Thus we have performed and have delivered to people whose fund has been managed by us in the past and present, far and wide, both at home and overseas, all is due to our consistent profit realization in the global currency markets.

For instance, we have managed funds from investors from Germany, Singapore, Venezuela, United States and UAE, all this investors were met due to our partakes and roles in International Contest, International Online Investor forums, Forex Analyst forum’s and stock evaluation programs. The statement of the said fund managed statement will sent on request

We have out-ranked our mate in the world of the investment and any promised made by us is surely fulfilled even during the recent economy meltdown, we uphold out successful promised to our investors.

With our short story, it’s our believe that our Firm can partner with your establishment to managed your fund in the forex market, emerging economy stocks such as China, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan and other Asian and European Countries, with minimal risk exposure and while allow the locking of your capital and grows your fund with less risk.

Here is the summary proposed for our managed fund requirements:

1. Clients Open an acct with our preferred broker through our links
2. Clients fund acct with any of his/her preferred method of funding(LR.WB.PP or Wire transfer)
3. Minimum funding is $1500 and maximum is $500,000
4. Once acct funded, clients provided us the login info for his or her acct details
5. Client signed our agreement form which contain profit-sharing ratio between our Management team and client ROI (40/60;client take 60% of the profit generated over his/fund while our team take 40%) risk, power of attorney, trust and transparency agreement.
6. Investment management period is 3-6 months (term negotiable)
7. Each month client withdraw profit from his/her capital and transfer our percentage by internal transfer to the FX Solution MT4 Acct in the same brokerage firm we are trading
8. We managed his/her fund for six 3-6months and client either withdraw his capital and profit or renew our agreement for another six months terms,

9. Interested client can email us for our past and present acct statement, performance and ROI we have generated over the times as we don't post all here so prevent the privacy of our clients and our company

Any clients interested can contact us via email:
Skype: wesladfx
YM: fxsolutionss

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