Free SilverTrend indicator w/lots of features


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May 22, 2009

I just downloaded this free and advanced variant of the Silvertrend indicator. I did it because of all the addittional features on this one. I have always liked the Silvertrend indicator and this one is just better and best of all it's free. .

Below, I pasted in the features list from the site where I got it.

It comes as a complete install file (.exe) Including a 15 page pdf manual and the following configurable features.

Sound Alerts with different spoken sound messages for Long and Short signals. These sounds can be turned on or off. or your can choose between this spoken sound alert or a Popup window (with bell sound) instead - or both alerts off.

Built in E-Mail Alerts which can be turned on or off.

Choose between delayed alerts only when the current bar is closed and a new bar is opened, -or immediately on the current bar. Delayed alerts can be very useful when you want to avoid the whipsaws this indicator sometimes can give on the current bar, when the forex market is undecided.

The E-Mail Alerts looks like this:

The Line below is the subject header line in the email alert.

Subject: GLS-SilverTrend * * * Alert * * * - TF: 60 - EURUSD Long @ 1.2841

In the e-mail body itself, it is also shown where the current rate is at the alert moment, relative to the daily High and Low. It is easy to read because the pip distance to the daily High and Low for this forex currency pair is also shown.

DateTime: 2006.11.20 11:03
Symbol: EURUSD
Chart Period: 60

Daily High: 1.2850
HighToClose: --------->9
Close Price: ------------------->1.2841
LowToClose: --------->23
Daily Low: 1.2818

Signal: Long @ 1.2841

Here is the link: GLS-SilverTrend Forex Indicator.